Music-Cart-0092022 Grant Cycle is Now Open!

The Georgetown Public Education Foundation, Inc. (GEF) was founded with the realization that supplemental financial resources to maintain excellence in our school system may not be available through traditional funding sources such as local support and state aid.

We are dedicated to providing expanded opportunities and experiences to the students of the Georgetown Public Schools. Our mission is to support innovative programs in order to encourage, demonstrate and recognize excellence in our schools for the benefit of students of all aspirations and abilities. While we work closely with the Georgetown Public School system, the GEF is an independent entity.

The GEF hopes to raise money to support programs in science, technology, the arts and innovative teaching for the Georgetown Public Schools.

Who may apply?

Georgetown Public School faculty and administrators may apply for funding in support of innovative projects that benefit Georgetown Public School students.  Applications may be made by individuals or by groups.


Click here for grant application and instructions